The highest quality vanilla from the region of Totonacapan, in the state of Veracruz, is produced using the original cultivation methods established by the Totonaca people. Their production process is organic, and respects the ecosystem, producing an exquisite vanilla, free of preservatives and chemical agents.  


  • The vanilla is an orchid, requiring great care to reach maturity. The flower is carefully cared for until it is transformed into a thin green pod, and some nine months will elapse before the pod matures. This long wait is greatly rewarded, for each odorless pod becomes the source of one of nature’s most exceptional aroma. Available in: Glass container with 4 vanilla pods. 16gr Aprox. 27% humidity.


  • Made with the soluble substances extracted from no less than 10gr of cured vanilla beans per 100ml. Available in: 50ml glass container.